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Do you have questions about selling your business? Not ready to commit to a brokerage firm or to selling your business in general? We understand the pressures and confusion that can come from taking the next step in selling your business. This is why we offer free seller consultations.

Contact us and we can meet with you to discuss your unique situation. We can provide you with a scope of the process and steps you need to take given your needs. Then, you can decide if these options work for you. No pressure, no hassle, no stress! Our free seller consultation is a great way to learn more about our process and who we are as a team.

Charleston Business Brokers did a phenomenal job for us in getting the deal done. We received a higher price and a buyout that was properly structured that both parties agreed on. Charleston Business Brokers is full of useful information. With that said we should have consulted with them a few years before we decided to sale.
- Shawn West -

As a team of experienced business brokers, we are familiar with the market and how to position your business in the best light possible for maximum return. We understand what buyers are looking for and we have the knowledge of the industry to bring the best results for you. The process of selling your business can be overwhelming. You are already busy with managing your business and preparing for the next steps. Partner with Charleston Business Brokers and you will have a team of experts by your side to walk you through every step.

I have worked with brokers across the United States in the sale of my businesses and I can honestly say that Charleston Business Brokers delivered the highest level of service I have ever received from a brokerage group.
- Larry Turisk -

A cornerstone of our values, we believe in adhering to the highest level of ethics and integrity in every stage of business. We put our clients first, considering what is best for you above all else. This is why we have been a thriving brokerage firm in the Charleston area since 2000. Our team is experienced in selling businesses, but also in starting and running businesses as well. Our network of attorneys, accountants, bankers, and commercial realtors are all ready to help you receive excellent results.

When you are ready to sell your business, why bare the weight of constant stress and responsibility? Join with Charleston Business Brokers to get your business sold with better results. Call us today for a free seller consultation!

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